Calling the tow truck is the first of what could be a long line of sequential defeats. Sometimes it even came before the check engine light. Nobody wants to need a tow truck company, San Francisco, and these are some of the essentials you can keep in your car that may keep the tow truck away from your car and keep you on the road. To know more please click onĀ  tow truck near me

  1. A basic understanding

How much time do you spend in your car? For a lot of us, it’s several hours a week and still many of us don’t understand how they work. I’m not saying everyone should make themselves an expert mechanic but you should understand the basics of how your car functions. That way when something does break or a problem down the road is explained to you by the mechanic you can better understand. Often times the reason you’d get towed is something benign and simple. IE a flat tire, battery cable unhooked, or just a dead battery. If you can’t diagnose the problem you may end up calling the tow truck long before it would necessary.

You should also keep a basic toolkit in the car so that if it’s something simple and easy you can fix or patch it easily. Without the toolkit it won’t matter what it is that went wrong, you won’t be able to fix it. The understanding and the toolkit go hand in hand, you need both of them to possibly avoid the tow truck and get your car limping along to the mechanic

  1. Jumper cables or Jump pack

One of the most common reasons that your car won’t start after the workday or anytime really is a dead battery. This is caused by leaving an interior or exterior light on, or anything else that requires the battery to power being left on for an extended period of time. The car, when it’s running (Excluding electric cars) recharges its own battery when the engine is running. When the engine is not on and there’s something draining the power you can be left without enough power in the battery to start the car.

Jumper cables or a jump pack can mitigate this risk. Jumper cables attach to another battery on a (running) car in order to share the power. Then after a minute or so of your battery being charged by theirs, your car should start up. (Keep the cables attached until your car starts)

A jump pack works on the same principle as jumper cables but a jump pack is like a jumper cable with its own battery. So if you know you’ll be in a place without many other cars or would rather not ask, spend a little extra money and get the jump pack for your car.

  1. A spare tire, the lug wrench, and a scissor jack – Click Here

Each of these on their own is pretty useless. What good is having the spare if you’re unable to get the lug nuts off the wheel? What use is the lug wrench if you don’t have the wheel to replace the old one. Lastly, why keep the jack if you don’t have either of the other two things. Good for you, the old wheels are off the ground. Now what? Keep all of these things in the trunk of your car, most cars will come with these items in the trunk under the floor but not all of them will. Make sure your car has these andwatch a few tutorials about how to change a tire. It’s really a simple process that may get your hands dirty but isn’t difficult.

Also, remember that your spare tire often isn’t rated for the same speed or miles as your regular tire. This is a temporary stop-gap to get to the shop. Having the spare won’t keep you away from the mechanic. I’ve seen too many people put their spare on and then ignore it. Don’t do that.